Lucy R. Littler

Courses Taught

I teach classes that purposefully blur the imagined boundaries between "academic" and "real world" problems, asking students to critically re-examine the world they know through analysis of literary and cultural texts, and through their own writing. My proudest professional moments include students realizing their power in a world that needs their creativity and innovation. For an example of how learning can meaningfully extend beyond the traditional classroom space, check out this Rollins 360 Spotlight on my 20th century American literature course, "American Dreams; American Nightmares."

These students in my first-year writing course, "Writing about Rollins," explore how their arguments are both words on the page and power in the world.

Classes I have taught at Rollins include:

ENG 140 (First Year Composition)
    Writing about Wicked Problems
    Writing about Rollins
    Writing about Love
    Writing about the American Dream
Racial Fictions: Foundations Program Capstone
American Dreams; American Nightmares 
Love Stories in American Literature
Literary Selfies: American Stories of Self-Making
Crossing Borders in Contemporary American Literature
American Adolescence: Coming of Age in the Civil Rights Era
Reimaging the Past in Contemporary American Fiction
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