Lucy R. Littler


I came to Rollins College after earning my PhD in English from Florida State University (2011). Currently, I am a Lecturer in the the English Department, and I direct the Foundations Summit, a bi-annual celebration of student achievement in the rFLA General Education capstone course. In these roles, I get to teach innovative composition and American literature courses at multiple levels of the curriculum and administer organizational and pedagogical support for faculty across divisions. I am also a Certified VALUE scorer for the Association of American Colleges & Universities.

My research interests include the dynamics of race in American culture, composition studies, and 
the science of teaching and learning. My work has been published in Arts and Humanities in Higher EducationThe Southern Literary Journal and the Associated Colleges of the South's Open Access ResourcesI have given presentations at a number of professional meetings, including the Association of American Colleges and Universities, the South Atlantic Modern Language Association, the Northeast Modern Language Association, and the College English Association.

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